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Fully funded MCcain’s Institute of Next Generation Leadership Programme 2019/2020


Deadline: 21 Feb,2018    Next term Starts:: 08 Dec,2018



This is a flagship program for McCain Institute of Next Generational Leadership fully funded program for the year 2019/2020. Its a fully funded program for emerging leaders from both the U.S and from across the world.Its meant to identity and provide the necessary training and networking avenues to a diverse group of emerging global leaders.The leaders will receive training in areas of policy making , business ,politics and even in civic engagements.The leaders can apply directly or nominate another leader they know.

The McCain Institute ( NGL ) program seeks to identify a diverse group of emerging leaders at the mid career stage of their profession and offer them training that will help them deliver change in their home countries.

Eligibility & Criteria

  • You must have a professional experience in English language in both writing and speaking.
  • You must posses ethical leadership and management skills.
  • You must fulfill all the requirements of obtaining a U.S J1 visa.
  • You must be a mid career professional preferably between the ages of between 30 to 45 years old and have at least close to 10 years of experience of work.

Awards & Benefits

  • The NGL (leaders) will benefit with the following amenities.
  • Fully funded program and training that is inclusive of Travel expense.
  • A monthly stipend which includes food , rent and other utilities will be provided.
  • Travel allowances will be provided during the program in the U.S in different cities accordingly.
  • An opportunity to learn and connect to the U.S ecosystem of policy makers, businesses and politics.


How to Apply

There are two ways for application :

First you can apply directly by clicking here

Secondly you can nominate  leader who fits the criteria as stated by clicking here