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Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) call for Applications 2019 for West African Region – To be held at Accra , Ghana.


Deadline: 06 Jan,2019    Next term Starts:: 11 Feb,2019

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scholarship port



The Young African Leadership initiative is a leadership program that is funded and fully sponsored by the United States Government through it’s USAID docket.

This is an initiative to raise and mentor Africa’s next generation of leaders in three main areas that include business and entrepreneurship, civic leadership and public management.

The YALI program has up to date trained 3000+ young leaders across Africa.There are four regional centers: one in east Africa with Nairobi , Kenya as its headquarters  and the other three situated in Southern Africa , North Africa and West Africa in Accra , Ghana.

Young leaders in business and entrepreneurship segment are trained through a hands on experience process with effective leadership and human centered design thinking process for business development purposes at its core.

Those in Public management are taken through how to be effective leaders in public offices and through elective roles either in  government or in private capacities.

Young African leaders in Civic and Society management are taught how to effectively manage affairs in non governmental organizations and community based initiatives and best practices on the same inclusive of volunteerism.


Awards and Benefits.

  • A prestigious YALI certificate is awarded.
  • A chance to network with young leaders from North Africa in business, civic and public management leadership positions.
  • A chance to join the YALI Alumni network with 10000+ young African leaders and mentors.
  • A chance to learn new and effective Leadership skills (7 habits of effective Leadership ).
  • Online and full board Accommodation available.
  • Team building activities to strengthen team spirit and networking.


Eligibility and Criteria

  • One must between 18 – 35 year old by the time submission is done.
  • One must be a citizen of a country in North Africa which includes : Ghana, Cameroon,Togo, Sierra Leone ,Burkina faso , Liberia , Nigeria , Togo and Ivory Coast.
  • One must posses great speaking , reading and writing skills in English .
  • One must not be a U.S citizen or a resident in the United States of America.


How to Apply

To apply please click HERE.

This program is split into two segments one virtual part that starts on 11th February and an on site program that starts in march.