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IBM Great Minds Initiative Internship Program 2019 for students from Africa , Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe.


Deadline: 25 Feb,2019    Next term Starts:: 01 May,2019



This is an initiative of IBM that’s an internship program for 3 – 6 months meant for students from Africa , the Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe in one of IBM Research labs in Zürich – Switzerland , Nairobi – Kenya or Johannesburg – South Africa.

The students will get to work on projects that involve Artificial intelligence for social good and create insights from large datasets . The period and duration of internships will be agreed on by the students and IBM.


Eligibility and Criteria.

  • The students must be full time students enrolled in a masters program from a recognizable university in Africa , The Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The students should have great writing and speaking skills in the English Language.
  • Minority groups will be considered and female students are encouraged to apply.
  • The students should be studying in either of the following fields : computer science , Artificial intelligence , Electrical engineering  machine learning , Life sciences  Applied mathematics etc.
  • The students must be nominated by a faculty member and should have a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.
  • A CV is required 1- 2 pages and should contain details like personal information, technical qualifications , academic background and work experiences.
  • You should also present a position paper that is 1-2 pages in your area of interest explaining the most important technical challenge in your area of interest , what you think you could achieve in that field and what you would like to achieve during IBM Internet research internship.


Awards and Benefits.

  • Students will get the benefit to work with world class IBM Researchers as well as leading IT research organizations.
  • The students will receive a lump some stipend for travel expenses and comfortable costs of living to sufficiently cover your stay on Zürich , Johannesburg and Kenya.
  • The students will receive the necessary VISA and work permits from IBM.
  • The students will have an opportunity to work on Artificial Intelligence for good projects and change the world with social impact projects.


How to Apply.

Submit your CV and position paper in PDF format.

To Apply please click here