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UNICEF innovation Fund call for Data science , machine learning and Artificial intelligence solutions to benefit humanity.


Deadline: 28 Feb,2019    Next term Starts:: 11 Oct,2019


UNICEF venture team is looking to fund up to $ 100,000 companies and startups that use machine Learning technology , AI and Data science in ways that will improve lives and benefit humanity.

Startups that are using data and new ways of data acquisition to understand the physical world we live in for instance through social media or satellite imagery are encouraged to apply and must be doing that through :

  • Use of Artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the rapidly changing physical world
  • Analyze satellite imagery and other components such as schools, infrastructure or health centers using deep learning technology.
  • Creation of digital road maps through social networks or matters in mobility to optimize public spaces.

Startups that work on understanding languages both online and offline through:

  • Use of Artificial intelligence and machine Learning to understand language dynamics and structures.
  • Learning relationships in new ways online.
  • Understanding similar techniques and procedures to analyze large data sets of texts by use of natural language processing.


Startups that are checking what skills will be in demand tomorrow and try to create key insights from such data through :

  • Use of predictive analytics to find the recent and future job trends.
  • How to optimize services.
  • How to improve lives through economic development.

Startups that are creating new ways of data collection and curation through :

  • Use of new technologies to create and validate large data sets.
  • Use of satellite imagery to allocate data and collection of data on social media.
  • Combining data from different sources to come out with new insights.


Eligibility and Criteria.

  • This funds are not limited to the above descriptions only but to any startups that use machine learning and AI to benefit humanity.
  • You must be working on a project that is open source or you must be willing to make it open source under the following licences. Hardware CERN license , Software , BSD licence and Design and Content CC- BY license.
  • Your company must be registered as a private company in a UNICEF country.
  • Your company must either have a prototype or a working MVP.
  • You must have a strong and complimentary team and must demonstrate that you can create profits while maintaining sustainable growth.
  • Your company must be creating social impact using data science to benefit humanity.

Awards & Benefits.

  • Seed funding of up to $ 100,000 in equity free funding to create proof of concept.
  • Support from the UNICEF venture technical team in data science to validate and improve your solution.
  • Support in form of business growth from the UNICEF innovation fund.
  • Lessons on how to use machine Learning , data science and Artificial Intelligence effects to benefit humanity while creating impact in society.
  • UNICEF innovation Fund call for Data science , machine learning and Artificial intelligence solutions to benefit humanity.


How to Apply.

To Apply please click here