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The African Union Education in Africa Exposition 2019 (Call for ICT in education Innovation).


Deadline: 30 Apr,2019    Next term Starts:: 12 Aug,2019



The African Union through its Department of human resources , Science and Technology have organized the 2019 Educating in Africa Expo (EIA 2019) in collaboration with the government of Botswana to promote education in Africa.

The African Union is calling for ICT innovation in education that helps to progress the Education Agenda with regards to the Agenda 2063 of the African Union. ICT projects should be geared towards education areas since education is an engine for human empowerment, socio – economic development, innovation progress and equality. The information should be able to make educational development in areas of delivery, universal access and simply give graduates the confidence towards careers.

There are two types of submissions

  • Practical submissions – Already made solutions, state the problem, description of the solution, unique elements of your innovation and how it will bring social impact. The innovation should also be easily scalable and disseminated across the African continent.
  • Academic papers – Present high quality research paper with 150 word abstract plus 1000 word maximum submission.



Eligibility and criteria

  • The Innovation should be specifically in the ICT in education sector.
  • The innovation must not have been presented at previous African Union Education prize expositions.
  • The Innovation must demonstrate social Impact and be easily scaled up across the African continent.
  • Organizations must submit consent in order to ensure scalability and replication across the African continent.


Awards and Benefits.

  • Access to Support in terms of Funding to participate in the 2019 African Union education prize.
  • Gain a slot for presentation in the 2019 University education exposition.
  • Get published and featured in the African Union innovation handbook 2019.
  • Receive a certificate of Recognition for your innovation/ Research paper.
  • Gain Immense and expensive mentors for the African Innovators Network (AEIN).


How To Apply.

To Apply please please click here