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Education is the key to success, or is it ? Young people have been taunted as leaders of tomorrow in Africa.However, many young graduates have since found out that to succeed in life and to make huge tremendous steps , one definitely requires much more than education. Education is achieved in all manner of forms; for example ,there’s the academic education where we learn chemistry, physics and literature .This is the form of education that is known and accepted to many across Africa and beyond. Many African parents have taught their children that education (class education) is the only and certainly most important type of education because accordingly its the surest way out of poverty and provides a sense of security and employment. Students therefore engage in cut throat competition to join high schools and eventually join universities since that guarantees a sense of security and ones odds of gaining employment are very high indeed.

However there are other forms of education such as :Learning by association for instance in sports and arts and generally through activities that are essentially non academic. Its in these areas that people develop skills like music , acting and even martial arts. For any one to position himself/herself for a greater chance of success in life one must ensure that you have a balanced educational life both academically and through social life.


To achieve more in life as a young person , you must learn how to write a good resume.As simple as it sounds , believe you me writing a good resume is not as easy as it sounds.A resume also known as a curriculum vitae which  is a essentially a short document that basically summarizes your skills , educational progress and your reason for seeking employment.The most effective resumes should be either 2  pages or 3 pages maximum but most employers prefer a 2 page resume. The Resume should have your educational achievements , your skills , Recommendations , past jobs experiences, your goals and aspirations.

To be a higher achiever , you must set your goals and always strive to attain them as much as possible. One should have a network and clearly write their own goals down in order to revise them over time.The goals should be atlest a little bit detailed and have clearly written guidelines as well.They should also be realistic and achievable .writing your goals down helps you to stay focused and to stay motivated enough to achieve them. You can also make great use of your phone notebook for the simple reason that its easily accessible anytime anywhere.Most importantly one must acquaint themselves with the seven habits of highly effective people which is a great book written by Stephen R.Covey which states and stipulates sequentially how one should set effective personal and public goals and be a very effective person. He says one should be proactive, begin with the end in mind , then put first things first and learn to think win win through and effective partnership demeanor. After that he says we should seek to understand before seeking to be understood and finally synergize and give it all it takes. The first 3 habits are dependence while the 4th , 5th and 6th habits address interdependence. The seventh habit is the moat crucial one because it involves one of continuous improvement and renewal.


Making a career decision as as important as any other aspect of life .You don’t wanna be part of a career that you don’t Love and cherish.Its kind of equal to getting married to a narcissistic and abusive partner if done wrongly. So its as important to asses once love, once passions and goals before embarking on this fulfilling journey. If you wanna become a doctor , a writer, a chef or an artist then its always advisable to identify your career path as early as possible and do it as if there’s no tomorrow.Become the best at what you do then find a way to get paid for it.  In case your in doubt of your abilities and talents you can always seek a career coach’s advice and remember to thank me letter

Every young person should be out there attending events , cocktail parties  and networking events because its only through these avenues that you get to meet future employers , possible partners and even greater people in your areas of qualification. Networking is a very essential practice if you want to achieve a high standing in life.You can find networking events , scholarship’s and other opportunities  scholarshiport.net website a dedicated organisation whose goal is to empower an build communities in Africa .Examples  of great networking events include technology events like Techcrunch Africa , Google developer conferences and young people summits.Networking can also be done through the internet on webinars , YouTube and through social sites like LinkedIn where you get to meet thousands and thousands of professionals from your field.

Young people should also invest time and effort in learning new skills once in a while and involving themselves in self development courses like maybe doing a graphic design course , an online marketing course , or a web design courses.These skills come in handy as tools for side hustles  and help to generate extra income. With unemployment on the rise every day its a high time we should learn to diversify our sources of income to make a kill in this era.

Finally, its important to keep in mind that its not a death or life situation , You should always remember to have a little fun. Its about the process , not the destination. Do what you love (legally of course) but don’t push it too hard.At least not at the cost your health and the people you care about like your friends and family. Be nice , be polite and I believe you will be fine.