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Scholars Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF) for young Africans sponsored by Forum for African women Educationalists (FAWE) in partnership with MasterCard Foundation.


Deadline: 15 May,2019    Next term Starts:: 24 May,2019



The forum for African women educationalists (FAWE) has partnered with MasterCard foundation to ensure that they promote education and entrepreneurship in Africa through supporting young African girls and boys.Scholarship Entrepreneurship Fund (SEF) is an initiative to harness the power and energy of the youth in Africa to create socio – economic development in African communities.The SEF project is being implemented in Ethiopia and Rwanda as part of a 10 year program called FAWE Rwanda and FAWE Ethiopia to ensure that academically talented girls and boys from disadvantaged backgrounds are able to acquire both secondary and university education.

The SEF & FAWE project aims to support a total of 2,000 girls and boys achieve secondary education in 2 years. 1,200 in Rwanda and 800 in Ethiopia. Currently they have 475 secondary students in Rwanda being transitioned  to universities in Rwanda.In Ethiopia there are 673 young scholars being assisted by FAWE to attend secondary schools .

The SEF project aims to help young people achieve high quality education , be able to gain meaningful work and pursue Entrepreneurship as a means for self employment. FAWE  comes at a great time when the African Union is initiating the continental free trade area to ensure African countries  trade with each other freely and Young Africans will be at the center of all this.

Awards & Benefits.

  • Receive funding for your project ranging between $ 500 – $ 5,000
  • Receive training and social Entrepreneurship workshop lessons.
  • Gain a spot to become an Alumni of FAWE post project.
  • Expand your leadership capacity and learn from MasterCard Foundation.
  • Receive mentorship and support from MasterCard Foundation and FAWE team.
  • Benefit from geographic dividend of youth from Rwanda and Ethiopia.


Eligibility & Criteria.

  • Your idea must be viable , economically feasible and must have social impact at its core.
  • You must demonstrate that there’s a market for your project through conducting a market needs analysis.
  • You should have a budget that is cost effective and realistic.
  • Your idea/project must be scalable and target a large scope so as to improve livelihoods of people.
  • Your idea/project must be within governmental regulations.
  • Your idea / project must be innovative and criteria.
  • You can be a single person or a tram with a maximum of 5 members of which 3 should be FAWE scholars and two non scholars.In that case the lead applicant must be a FAWE scholar.



How to Apply.

To Apply please click here