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MIT Inclusive Innovation Program 2019 (Tech for All).


Deadline: 09 May,2019    Next term Starts:: 01 Oct,2019



Tech for Good is MITs Premier innovation program that seeks to pioneer the future of work through its Future for work prize annually for entrepreneurs using technology to create economic opportunities for their countries, for workers and for employers.

This is a collaboration between different organizations operating in 5 different continents from which 60 regional winners will be selected. The next stage after regional competitions will the Grand Finale which will be held at MIT and four winners will walk home with $ 250,000 plus worldwide recognition.

The four regions to participate in this competition include Canada, US, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and America.

The competitions will be divided to cater for startups in the four selected categories that include skills and opportunity matching, income growth and job creation, Technology access as well as financial inclusion.


Eligibility and Criteria.

  • Eligible startups should use technology to ensure that economic standards of communities are improved.
  • Your startup/company should be beyond the idea stage.
  • Your startup should create impact and increase the quality of life.
  • Your startup should have potential to transform the future of work for both middle and low income earners.


Benefits and Awards.

  • A chance to win $ 250,000 at the grand finale at MIT.
  • A chance to meet potential investor and partners.
  • Full travel package to MIT for the grand finale.
  • Extensive media and PR coverage as well as worldwide recognition.


How to Apply.

To apply please click here