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Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) “The Road to 2030” ( 1,000 Euros in grant funding for gender based projects).


Deadline: 09 Jun,2019    Next term Starts:: 07 May,2019



The commonwealth “The Road to 2030” is a program that is meant to contribute to the sustainable development goals.It sole aim is to ensure that this goals are achieved through collaboration between universities and the UN. Their strategic priorities include :

To champion the power of higher education in universities and colleges to improve lives.

Improve lives through long term partnerships with universities.

To create and provide educational opportunities for long lasting impact and finally to follow the African Union commission (AUC) in its mission to improve lives.


Eligibility and criteria

  • You will be required to submit an outline action plan that addresses gender quality.
  • The action plan should be projects with a minimum duration between 3 months ad maximum of 10 months.
  • The project must support institutional agendas to combat sexual harassment etc.
  • You need an updated CV and a support letter from the head of your institution.


Awards and Benefits.

  • Each successful applicant will obtain a 1000 Euros to conduct projects based on gender disparity.
  • The grant will be divided into two parts the first part will be 500 Euros at the start of the project and the final amount will be paid after receiving the final report.
  • Those who go past the first selections , they will be required to provide an interim report about their project.


How To Apply.

To apply please click here.