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The African – European Union Youth Hub Call for proposals for Civil societies Projects 2019


Deadline: 21 Jun,2019    Next term Starts:: 27 Oct,2019



The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub, launched in October 2018, is about turning some  ideas into reality; piloting them on a small scale but with maximum impact, visibility and result-evidence. With €10 million, civil society organisations, and 42 Young Experts from both continents as core drivers.

This program intends to :

  • Involve youth in reviewing the ideas that were suggested in the Youth Agenda.
  • Further define the scope of these selected pilot projects.
  • Enable these pilots through a €10 million Call for Proposals for Civil Society Organisations.
  • Involve youth in monitoring the implementation of the pilot projects.
  • The Young Experts will meet at various times until the 6th AU-EU Summit, virtually and in person.
  • The first Hub Session will be held in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), in partnership with GiZ, from 27th October – 4th November.
  • The AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub is also one of 119 projects selected to participate in the Paris Peace Forum 2018.


Eligibility and Criteria.

The selected 42 Young Experts will be the core drivers of the Hub; they will contribute to defining the scope of pilot projects, to be implemented by civil society organisations, and monitor their implementation.

The initiatives to be piloted are expected to meet four characteristics:

  • Have the potential to bring Europe & Africa closer,
  • Be people-centred,
  • Be visible,
  • Have the potential of being scalable after the pilot phase, should they prove successful.

The solutions should be centred in four areas namely : Education , culture sports and Arts, Environment, Governance as well as peace and security.


Awards and Benefits.

  • 1st week of October :Selection of 42 African and European youth to take part in the Hub. Introduction of cluster team members and start of initial research and virtual meetings.
  • 27 October – 4 November: Addis Ababa ,First Hub Session: a 10-day workshop with the AU & the EU to define the scope of pilot projects. Workshop supported by GiZ.
  • 11-13 November: Paris -Presentation of the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub at the Paris Peace Forum.

How To Apply.

To apply please click here