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World Water Challenge Day 2019 Call for Applications


Deadline: 27 Jun,2019    Next term Starts:: 06 Sep,2019



The World Water Challenge is a two-way communication problem-solving project created through the 7th World Water Forum Science and Technology Course. It is a project to solve water problems worldwide by sharing appropriate ideas, innovative technologies and ideas to solve water problems around the world. To provide a forum for practical discussion between the solution provider and the public, to provide an opportunity for the general public to be interested in the water issue, and to provide a chance for the selected solution through the conference to contribute substantially to water management technology and policy development.

World Water Challenge 2019 theme is to discover the challenges of the various water challenges facing the world and to find creative solutions to the challenges . 


Eligibility and Criteria

Your project must be based in one of the following areas:

  • Efficient Water Management.
    (Challenge): Integrated management of diversified water resources (Key words) Water supply in an isolated tropical area, Rehabilitation of Deteriorated water sources.
  • Policy for Integrated Water Management, Governance for
    Innovating financing for local water solutions.
    (Key words) Circular economy, Resource Recovery from Water and Wastewater System.
    Energy Efficiency in sewage, waste water, and sea water recycling and reuse.
    (Key words) energy consumption.
  • NEXUS for efficient utilization of limited water resources and energy recovery.

    Urban flood prevention and management for sustainable water cycle and urban regeneration.

  • The depletion and pollution of water caused by climate change
    (Key words) Climate Change, Drought Management, Water shortage, smart water technologies.
  • ICT based water management – Urban water management, Urban regeneration, Intelligent public sewage treatment facilities, big data utilization, internet of things, IoT Water Management.

    ‘Smart solutions’ by region, sector, and target
    (Key words) Simple technologies to save water in irrigation, Innovative management to prevent flood or drought.

  • Nature-based solutions for ecological recovery and reinstate natural process of rivers.

Awards and Benefits.

  • The total prize amount for the World Water Challenge 2019 is $ 16,000 .
  • The Award Ceremony will be held on September 6th at the closing ceremony of KIWW 2019 and the winners will be presented with a cash prize and trophy respectively.
  • Awards ceremony will be held at the Closing Ceremony of Korea International Water Week 2019 (KIWW 2019), scheduled to be held in Daegu this September.


How To Apply.

To Apply please click here