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Y Combinator startup school 2019 call for Applications


Deadline: 21 Jul,2019    Next term Starts:: 22 Jul,2019



Y combinator has opened its registration for Startup School 2019, A free online course for founders looking to get help turning an idea into a startup. We will again be offering equity-free grants to the most promising companies that join and complete the course. We will be increasing the grant size this year to $15,000.We’re also excited to share over $30K in deals and credits for Startup School companies, which includes offerings from AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Clerky, Stripe Atlas, Brex and more. Startup School graduates now represent the largest single source of founders accepted into Y Combinator’s core program. Over 60 Startup School companies were accepted into the last batch, which represented almost 30% of the Winter 2019 batch.


Eligibility and Criteria

Applicants who are accepted to the core program will not be eligible for the $15K grant. What it means to be a “promising” company is based on a significant number of variables. In addition to your engagement in the course, the criteria which we use to determine what companies will receive the grant is as follows:

  • Whether a company has revenue, or has prospects for revenue in the near term.
  • Whether a company’s business is growing as measured by increase in users, increase in revenues, progress in bookings, or improvement in company objectives.
  • Whether the company’s business is scalable.
  • Whether there is a reasonable path for the company’s business to become a billion-dollar company.
  • The feasibility of implementing the company’s proposed business objectives.


Awards and Benefits

  • Based on this data and founder feedback, we’ve made some changes to the curriculum, our software, and structure to better fit our users’ needs.
  • For our pre-launch founders, we’ve created new lectures that cover practical ways to evaluate startup first principles like idea evaluation, MVP planning, pricing, and pivoting.
  • We’re going to help single founders who want a cofounder find one another in our community. And we’re taking Startup School on the road so more people can interact with YC partners in person.
  • Companies must participate and complete the course to be eligible for the grant.


How To Apply

To apply please click here