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Bloomberg New Economy call for Applications 2019


Deadline: 15 Aug,2019    Next term Starts:: 20 Nov,2019



The world faces a new set of social and business challenges, as economic power shifts rapidly to new markets, new industries, new technologies, and new models of employment and civic participation. We believe the private sector should play a critical role in creating, catalyzing, and implementing solutions to these challenges, in close and candid collaboration with governments and philanthropic leaders. Bloomberg New Economy is the new community for the new economy. We convene and inspire diverse global leaders to build a thriving, inclusive future — one where equality and shared prosperity go hand in hand with business growth and innovation. And there’s no time to waste.


Eligibility and Criteria

  • We welcome submissions from anyone with an existing solution that enables the private sector to create and sustain societal good.
  • This includes employees throughout corporations, from social impact-oriented teams to CSR to R&D departments; entrepreneurs; academics; think tanks; government agencies; international organizations and NGOs; nonprofits — you name it.
  • Amid these dramatic challenges, there are also unprecedented ways to scale creative solutions. We’re issuing a call to reject the premise of a zero-sum world, to build an inclusive future where economic growth comes from more people participating, more people prospering.
  • We know that many solutions to our biggest societal problems are already out there. We need to allow bright minds to solve real human problems, not just invent new ways to make money.
  • We want to hear about what you and your organizations are working on, so we can 1- feature many of these actionable solutions at the New Economy Forum in November, and 2- leverage our specific strengths in accelerating a select group of solutions throughout 2020.


Awards and Benefits

  • Mentorship and visibility at the 2019 New Economy Forum
  • Seven solutions will be selected this fall. For each of them, we will host a dedicated workshop at the New Economy Forum in Beijing on November 20-22.
  • The participants at those workshops will be our delegates, the world’s most successful and seasoned innovators and practitioners.
  • We will welcome a representative from each selected solution to join the New Economy Forum as a delegate and to participate in the workshop dedicated to his or her solution.


How To Apply

To apply please click here