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Justice Acceleration Program 2019 call for Applications


Deadline: 31 Aug,2019    Next term Starts:: 28 Nov,2019



HiiL (The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law) is a social enterprise devoted to user-friendly justice. That means justice that is easy to access, easy to understand, and effective. We will ensure that by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their most pressing justice problems. We do this by stimulating innovation and scaling what works best. We are friendly rebels focused on concrete improvements in the lives of people. Data and evidence is central in all that we do. HiiL is an equal opportunity, international employer. We are based in The Hague, City of Peace and Justice.


Eligibility and Criteria

  • To fix something we first need to know what is broken and what may work to repair it. What do you think about a doctor who prescribes treatment before actually examining their patient? Or a doctor who prescribes something of they are not sure will work?
  • The health sector puts numbers to diseases. Which diseases are most prevalent? What are the risk factors of contracting the disease? Where do the patients likely live? What’s the cure?
  • We believe the legal sector must use the same approach. Let us provide you with the data.
  • The data helps us diagnose legal problems in order to know how to fix them effectively. It helps us understand what works. It can give an insight into future trends. We can also give you tools to measure the impact of your justice innovation.


Awards and Benefits

  • With data and technology we co-create high quality justice based on what we need now.
    Justice is about common people. Their daily lives, their pain, and frustration – and the justice outcomes that they get or don’t get. That’s why we listen to people in each country to measure their satisfaction.
  • After thousands of years of outdated justice, we think it’s about time we speed things up. Welcome to the Justice Accelerator. We find, and support the best justice innovations in a region or country.
  • Real justice transformation requires diversity and shared commitment to a goal. Our Justice Tranformation experts help make real transition possible by gathering different experts to deliver the user-friendly justice.
  • Curious? Let’s work together.


How To Apply

To apply please click here