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Echoing Green Fellowship program 2020 for Social Entrepreneurs (Fully Funded to New York)


Deadline: 16 Oct,2019    Next term Starts:: 12 Jan,2020



We discover emerging social entrepreneurs and invest deeply in the growth of their ideas and leadership. Over 30 years, we’ve built a broad, dynamic ecosystem to support these leaders as they solve the world’s biggest problems. We find and support people with the best ideas to positively impact the world. Through our intensive two-year program and beyond, we provide the tools they need to bring their solutions to life and lead transformative change

We’re building a dynamic community of business leaders, social innovators, institutions and investors committed to solving global issues. Through our collaborative network for social change, we spark opportunities for bold ideas to connect with the resources they need to flourish.


Eligibility and Criteria

If you have the ideas and vision to bring positive change to the world, we want to work with you. Don’t worry if your business plan or resume isn’t perfect. What matters is that you are committed to the problem you are solving and ready to make a big impact.

  • Purpose & Passion: We want to understand why you care deeply about this issue and your community.
  • Resilience: Demonstrate how you foresee challenges, and avoid or bounce back from them.
  • Leadership: Can you lead this organization toward its goals? What unique skills and experiences will help you succeed?
  • Ability to Attract Resources: Show us that you can attract money, people and other resources to your cause.
  • Innovation: What about your approach is different from things that have been tried in the past?
  • Importance: Explain to us the problem you want to solve and why it matters now on a global, regional, or local scale.
  • Potential for Impact: We want to know if your project will directly impact many lives, or create systemic changes.
  • A Good Business Model: You do not have to have solved all the details of how your organization will run but show us that you are considering this thoughtfully and realistically.


Awards and Benefits

  • For more than 30 years, Echoing Green has been on the front lines of solving the world’s biggest problems by raising up transformational leaders who challenge the status quo.
  • A comprehensive, self-paced program to work towards building leadership skills and developing the structures and strategies needed for ideas to thrive.
  • Ongoing secular support from three Echoing Green Chaplains, focusing on mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as self-care workshops designed specifically for the struggles of entrepreneurship.
  • An expert advisor and thought partner who guides leadership growth help build ideas and organizations for success and connects Fellows to additional resources and funding opportunities.
  • A stipend paid in four equal instalments over two years ($80,000 for individuals; $90,000 for partnerships), in addition to a flexible benefit stipend. Funding offered to for-profit organizations is in the form of recoverable grants.
  • International gatherings to connect Fellows across classes and cohorts, as well as with experienced business leaders, institutions, and investors committed to solving global issues.
  • Comprehensive pro bono legal and investment advice and a suite of support from leading professionals to help navigate the social entrepreneurship and impact investment fields.


How To Apply

To apply please click here