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D-Prize Challenge for social Entrepreneurs 2020 ($ 20,000 in funding)


Deadline: 10 Nov,2019    Next term Starts:: 04 Mar,2020



D-Prize challenges are open to anyone or any teams. The sole restriction is that individuals and their immediate family on the judging panel may not participate as a contestant. D-Prize is also open to any business model (for-profit, non-profit, and everything in between). All winners will be awarded up to $20,000. The award is offered in the form of a convertible grant.
Up to 25 of the most promising proposals will be selected for funding awards, regardless of which challenge track was selected.


Eligibility and Criteria

Proposals must be submitted following the instructions in this packet.
● Extra material outside of the proposal will not be considered.
● Revisions to proposals after submission will also not be considered.
● Only one proposal per person or partnership will be considered.
● Proposals must be written in English.

The D-Prize judging panel is composed of individuals with professional experience distributing life-changing technologies in the developing world.

Contestants are evaluated based on:
● Passion and potential for the candidate’s success, as evidenced by their academic and professional background, relevant skills, and quick leadership trajectory.
● Focus on distribution. Proposals must focus on distributing a proven poverty solution that needs greater access in the developing world.
● Potential for scale, based on the organizational model proposed in the concept note and the entrepreneur’s desire to commit and grow. Be succinct. Successful proposals are objective and to the point. Orient your proposal towards an educated judge who is relatively knowledgeable with the key issues.
● Scale, impact, cost-effectiveness. Successful entrepreneurs will build a plausible case that their intervention is highly scalable, cost-effective, and will lead to enormous impact.
● Keep within scope. The most successful startups have a narrow focus and avoid spending resources on too many areas. A tightly scoped idea will perform best in this competition.


Awards and Benefits

Round 1
First Round proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis, using the following deadlines. We strive to send decisions out within three weeks. Judges may request additional information
via email before making a decision.
● Early decision deadline: October 20, 2019, at midnight PT (Pacific Time). Early decision
proposals are more likely to advance to the next round and will have additional time on
for the full proposal.
● Regular deadline: November 10, 2019, at midnight PT.
● Extension deadline: December 1, 2019, at midnight PT. Extensions are limited to the first 200 people who register at www.d-prize.org/extension

Round 2

  • Top entrepreneurs invited to participate in Round 2 will be asked to draft and submit a full plan of their venture, roughly 10 pages in length plus any desired appendices. The plan will include more details on operations, a budget, milestones, and other items. Participants will receive a Round 2 Proposal Packet with full instructions.
  • Those invited to the Second Round will have about four weeks to submit a plan. Final Round Entrepreneurs invited to the Final Round will interview with judges over email and on the phone. Depending on the promise and cost-effectiveness of a proposal, judges may award up to $20,000 in funding. The average D-Prize award size is $12,000.
  • Piloting Winning Ventures
    Besides direct funding, D-Prize can assist in helping your venture attract future funding if the pilot proves successful. We will also provide you access to the D-Prize network of past winners and will do our best to support you in other ways.


How To Apply

To apply please click here