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The Keeling Curve Prize 2020 for clean Energy projects ( $ 25,000)


Deadline: 10 Feb,2020    Next term Starts:: 18 Nov,2020



Each year, we award hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money to projects across the globe that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions or increasing uptake.

The carbon accounting may not be as straightforward for some projects, particularly in the Social & Cultural Pathways category, but the most successful applicants will be those who can show that behavioral change has occurred as a result of their actions, and that those behavioral changes have produced quantifiable emissions reductions. Sometimes, these can be estimates, but with a logical calculation methodology and clearly stated assumptions

Eligibility and Criteria

  • We welcome entries for active projects (not ideas or untested hypotheses) from anywhere in the world. Prizes are awarded for ongoing work only (not as a reward for unimplemented ideas or past work).
  • From a global pool of applicants, our Analyst Team, Advisory Council, and Judging Panel choose the highest impact projects according to our Keeling Curve Prize performance metric and fulfillment of category specifications.
  • The prize closes upon receipt of 300 applications, or February 10, 2020 at 12am GMT (whichever occurs first).
  • We will not award prizes to the same applicants two years in a row. However, if you are not awarded, you may apply the next year and in any subsequent years.
  • You may submit for multiple categories, but you will only be eligible to win in one category during any given year.
  • Important: Incomplete applications or applications that do not attempt to quantify their emissions reductions (Question #9) or financial scalability (Questions #12 and 13) will not be considered. For more guidance see our FAQ.

Awards and Benefits

  • Projects in this category activate and accelerate natural and/or man-made systems for carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS). They are advancing technological and nature-based strategies for capturing and/or utilizing heat-trapping gases from the air or oceans.
  • Projects in this category decarbonize energy, support zero-carbon energy innovations and are leading the way in the supply, distribution, access, infrastructure, or improvements of low or zero-emissions energy systems worldwide.
  • Projects that apply in this category are making the economics and/or financial mechanisms work for heat-trapping gas reduction and/or reversal ventures.
  • Projects in this category are changing the way people consider, understand, and act on humanity’s impacts affecting the livability of planet Earth. They are trying to answer the question: what does it take, socially and culturally, to develop beyond fossil fuels?
  • Projects that apply in this category should be re-imagining and reinventing all types of vehicles, fuels, and mobility options for both people and products. These projects will confront the carbon footprint of the vehicles themselves and the routes traveled.


How To Apply

To apply please click here