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Accelerator Programme at the French South African Tech Lab (FSAT) call for applications


Deadline: 07 Feb,2020    Next term Starts:: 11 Mar,2020



The French South African Tech Labs (FSAT Labs) is an incubator, accelerator and open innovation consultancy for tech focused start-ups, corporates and VC funds. In partnership with the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), FSAT works with early stage digital business to develop the founder and their concept into a business that can scale. Grow your small venture to a large organisation with great impact.


Eligibility and Criteria

  • FSAT Labs in partnership with SEDA, offers free incubation for South African founders with businesses in the digital sector. We take in 4-6 startups every 6 months for this free to attend program.
  • Your first product is out in the market and you have paying customers/generating come form of revenue.
  • The market you are targeting poses a opportunity to build a business that can scale.
  • Is there an opportunity for the startup to partner with corporate and unlock mutual benefit?
  • Our accelerator program is designed to assist startups from post-launch to scale up phase and is based on the following principles:
  • Majority of startups that fail post early stage, do so because they scale too early. Establishing actual product-market fit reduces the risk of failing to launch too early.
  • As startups add employees during the growth stage, making the right hires is crucial to set the right culture. And this culture will sustain the organisation during difficult times.
  • Too often entrepreneurs measure metrics that present well, but does not represent that which is going on. Measuring the right metrics, helps the founders focus on the aspects of the business that matter.

Awards and Benefits

  • Once a product is out in the market, the focus of the founders shift towards getting the product market fit spot on, building a sales team, expanding the tech team and growing the organisation. Our accelerator program is designed to help startups succeed during this phase, all the while helping them put the structures and system in place to scale.
  • Our accelerator program runs for a period of 10 months and includes various interventions and workshops, individual coaching and mentoring and connections to investors and key players in the industry through our various eco-system activities.
  • Funded startups that want to obtain assistance in building their business can apply for our accelerator service.
  • Through our open innovation efforts, we help startups that corporates identified to work with, accelerate to the point of proof of concept.

How To Apply

To apply please click here