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Miliki Entrepreneurship Program for startups and SMEs (Eldohub)


Deadline: 10 Feb,2020    Next term Starts:: 17 Feb,2020



Miliki program, (EldoHub’s accelerator) is a 12 weeks entrepreneurship development program for emerging entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. We support entrepreneurs from the North Rift Western region of Kenya to build transformative businesses/companies that will have an impact locally and in the world. Entrepreneurs are given a platform to take their ventures to the next level, filled with educationguidance, and a massive support.

This is part of the Eldohub Youth Innovation and mentorship series of programs that support the youth, innovators and emerging entrepreneurs through training business and technology.


Eligibility and Criteria

Yo are eligible if your idea/startup fits in any of the following criteria.

product development

  • Is your core idea feasible?
  • Who are your customers? Do you have a product market fit?

Organization funding

  • Building Organizational structures and culture
  • Scaling your business
  • Are the highest-risk aspects of your product solvable?

Marketing and Industry

  • How do you define your market?
  • Do you have a path to reach your target market?


Awards and Benefits

  • Miliki program entails 12 weeks of training based on business and entrepreneurship curriculum, idea creation/development with mentors helping to shape into viable businesses and a final pitch presentation.
  • Receive the time, resources, mentorship, and connections to bring your idea into fruition.

This is part of the EldoHub Youth Innovation and mentorship series of programmes that support the youth through trainings in business and technology. You will get to learn :

  • Ideation and road mapping
  • Business resources
  • Financial management including record keeping
  • Cash flow management and pricing
  • Establishing an investor relationship
  • Fundraising
  • Understanding the basics of running a business
  • Developing products market fit
  • Market research
  • financials plus record-keeping including pricing
  • Content-specific workshops with mentors
  • Matched with a personal coach
  • mentor-mentee approach


How To Apply

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