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Airbus Bizlab Africa4future Accelerator Program 2020 for African startups (Fully Funded)


Deadline: 15 Mar,2020    Next term Starts:: 13 Apr,2020



Airbus BizLab is a global aerospace business accelerator where startups and Airbus Entrepreneurs speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses. The Airbus BizLab has developed a “hybrid” concept to closely collaborate with startups while allowing smaller organizations to better understand needs and ways of working of large groups.

Airbus BizLab offers early-stage projects wide-ranging support in the form of a 6-month acceleration programme. Startups have access to a large number of Airbus coaches, experts in various domains, and support staff, free hosting, and a Demo Day with Airbus decision makers, venture capitalists, Airbus customers and partners.
Our acceleration program is based on the lean startup methodology and articulated around 3 pillars :
– Customer desirability (market study & benchmark, value proposition, customer experimentation)
– Solution feasibility (proof of concept, product functionalities definition, MVP)
– Business viability (business model, risk assessment, cost benefit analysis)
The 6-month acceleration programme is segmented into 3 gates where startups build the MVP, test it and based on customer feedback pivot or continue.
At the end of each gate concrete deliverables are expected.


Eligibility and Criteria

  • Businesses creating value in Agriculture and Infrastructure sectors
  • Must be a Citizen of any country in Africa
  • Strong management team
  • Ability to leverage remote sensing technologies
  • At least 1 year of running operation
  • Experience leveraging partnerships to create impact
  • Your company must be registered in Africa with an existing product and traction.


Awards and Benefits

  • Access to the best of Airbus technologies and expertise to create the best possible version of your solution.
  • 250,000 credits on the UP42 platform to access powerful analytics tools
  • An opportunity to present a project to the leadership of Airbus and GIZ for potential collaboration.
  • Tailored coaching to improve your value proposition and your business’ capacity to work with large organizations.
  • Connection with Airbus experts, local industry experts and investors.
  • Potential to connect with the global value chain and build commercial traction through showcase events in Africa and Europe (Viva Tech, Africa-France summit and more)

How to apply

To apply please click here