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CREATE Data Analytics & Visualizations summer school at York University in Toronto , Canada.


Deadline: 09 Mar,2020    Next term Starts:: 19 May,2020



The multi-institutional, interdisciplinary CREATE Program in Data Analytics and Visualization (DAV) at York University in Toronto offers an *all-expenses-paid undergraduate summer school on big data science.

The event includes talks by CREATE DAV faculty and industry experts on current research topics in big data science, as well as hands-on experience in York and OCAD U laboratories. The curriculum reflects the wide range of research areas at CREATE DAV, which includes research on machine learning, data mining, signal processing, computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, virtual human modeling, serious games, natural language processing, human perception & cognition, visualization & design.


Eligibility and Criteria

You should be :

  • A senior (year 3, preferably) undergraduate students that have a background in Computer Science, Math, Engineering, Psychology, and Data Visualization.
  • Current OCAD U’s senior undergraduate and prospective graduate students.
  • Most of our applicants are undergraduates, but anyone who is considering applying to a master’s or Ph.D. program can apply.
  • We accept applicants from anywhere; however, the program will cover only a portion of the travel expenses (up to 1,300 CAD).
  • In other words, should the cost of travel exceed allocated amount, the applicant will be responsible for paying the remainder of their travel expenses.
  • Big data science and visualization is a highly interdisciplinary field, and anyone with a background in Computer Science, Math, Engineering or Psychology and a strong interest in pursuing graduate studies in the subject is encouraged to apply.
  • Admission is competitive, and most of our attendees have GPA’s in the A range. However, other strengths such as laboratory experience or excellent quantitative skills can make up for average grades.
  • Consult your local Canadian embassy or consulate. We will provide any documentation you need from us to apply for a visa for the duration of the summer school.
  • Citizens of all countries are eligible.


Awards and Benefits

  • We will provide on-campus accommodations in student residences, and we have found that attendees get more out of the summer school if they stay on campus.
  • However, you’re free to find your own accommodations elsewhere if you live nearby or have friends nearby.
  • The following locations are tentative, please check back closer to the date.
  • Three days will be held at the Keele Campus, exact location TBD
  • One day will be held at OCAD U, exact location TBD
  • The program accepts undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing a career a career in the big data science.
  • It is intended mainly for students who are planning to apply to graduate school in late 2020, and are interested in investigating interdisciplinary research  aspects of the big data science.
  • The program covers transportation costs (*up to $1,300 CAD), and provides on-campus accommodations and meals.


How To Apply

To apply please click here