Home Competitions/Awards Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali Entrepreneurship Program 2020 (WSHKEP20) call for Applications

Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali Entrepreneurship Program 2020 (WSHKEP20) call for Applications


Deadline: 02 Mar,2020    Next term Starts:: 09 Mar,2020



The Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali Entrepreneurship Program 2020 (WSHKEP20) is an initiative that aims to provide assistance to start-ups operating in Rwanda by providing access to quality infrastructure as well as tailor-made services to support their business growth.


Eligibility and Criteria

Application Process:

  • An entry must be made by a start-up with a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of three (3) members. At least one (1) member of the team must have technical expertise relevant to its proposed product/service.
  • The minimum age for the individual team members is 18 years old.
  • The team must completely fill out and submit the application form as required. Each team member must agree to this set of terms and conditions, as part of the required documents.
  • Applicants must submit their startup ideas through the relevant online application form before March 2, 2020 (GMT+2 23:59). Qualified applicants will be notified via email of their successful submission.
  • A Selection Committee duly approved by the Management of the Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali shall review and evaluate the entries and determine the participants to be pre-selected for an interview
  • The interview shall assess further the eligibility of pre-selected startups.

You must fulfill:

  • The market need or clear customer pain point
  • Potential Business model and size of the local and global market
  • The ability of the Team to execute their vision into reality
  • How it can represent synergy and scale across various industries such as telecommunications, power, infrastructure, media, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, ICT, and the like.


Awards and Benefits

Qualified applicants shall be granted a 6-month membership subscription, starting from March 9, 2020,  at Westerwelle Startup Haus Kigali with amenities such as:

  • Access for a Fixed Desk on the 4th and 5th Floor as well as the Makerspace
  • Meeting rooms
  • Event priority if fully booked
  • Own locker
  • Mail service
  • Access to our High-speed internet provided by Liquid
  • Access to our Kitchen (incl. Coffee, Tea & Water)
  • Featuring on our Hall of Fame
  • Featuring in our Marketing
  • Qualified applicants are required to take part in all the above-mentioned programs.


How To Apply

To apply please click here