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2020 Call for Code Global Challenge


Deadline: 31 Jul,2020    Next term Starts:: 29 Oct,2020


Created by David Clark Cause with Founding Partner IBM, and in partnership with the United Nations Human Rights and The Linux Foundation, Call for Code is the largest tech-for-good challenge of its kind.

Call for Code asks innovators to create practical, effective, and high-quality applications based on one or more IBM Cloud™ services (for example, web, mobile, data, analytics, AI, IoT, or weather) that can have an immediate and lasting impact on humanitarian issues.

This year the competition will have two tracks. One track is for solutions that help halt and reverse the impact of climate change. The second track is for solutions to mitigate the impact of global pandemics like COVID-19 on communities around the world. Winning solutions are deployed in communities that need the most help.


Eligibility and Criteria

  • How fully has the idea been implemented? Can it achieve an impact on the field? Can it be transferred elsewhere?
  • Does the solution address a high priority area? Does it achieve its goal effectively and efficiently? Can it scale?
  • How good are the design, user experience, and ease of use of the solution? How quickly can it be put to use?
  • How unique was the approach to solving a long-standing or previously intractable problem?


Awards and Benefits

  • All winners will receive an invitation to the Call for Code Global Award Announcement and support from the Linux Foundation.

Grand prize winner – $200,000 USD

  • Solution implementation through Code and Response ™
  • Opportunity for mentorship and investment in the solution

Runner up

  • First and second – $25,000 USD

Runner up

  • Third and fourth – $10,000 USD


University Edition Grand prize – $10,000 USD

  • Dispersed equally across the team.
  • Each student team member will receive the opportunity to interview for a potential role at IBM.

Runner up

  • Each student team member will receive the opportunity to interview for a potential role at IBM.


How To Apply

To Apply please click here


To enter your team’s code, its documentation, and team member information into the 2020 Call for Code competition, one member of your team will require the following information for the submission form.

  • Submission name –
    Enter the project or team name for your solution in less than five words.
  • Short description –
    Describe your team’s solution in about ten words.
  • Submission track –
    Choose which track this submission is for. You can submit to both tracks (including apps with a common codebase), but you must create two separate submissions with descriptions that address the specific track challenge.
  • University Edition opt-in –
    If you choose to be considered for the University Edition, you confirm that you and each member of your team meet the eligibility requirements for this award as described in the Participation Agreement and addressed in the University Edition section of the FAQ
  • Link to public GitHub repository with working source code –
    Or other publicly accessible locations such as GitLab or Box where the judges can download, examine and evaluate the code behind the solution.
  • You can provide an additional description, diagrams, and demos in the repository. You can find a GitHub repository sample here. If you have more than one repository, provide a link to your GitHub organization, for example, Sparrow Platform.
  • You must have working code – not just an idea or proposal – to enter the competition. If you do not, please continue to work on your project and submit it later when it’s ready.
  • Link to a three-minute demo video –
    Record a demo of your project, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, and share the URL. Three minutes is the maximum length. You can link to longer versions from your source code repository. Keep in mind that non-technical judges may rely on this more than technical documentation.
  • Long description –
    Write about 500 words, or around one page of text, that covers the solution in more detail. Please include the real-world problem you identified, describe the technology project you created, and explain why it’s better than any existing solution. You can supply additional documentation in your source code repository link above.
  • List of one or more IBM Cloud Services or IBM Systems used in the solution –
    Accept the challenge to get an IBM Cloud account. Your application can use additional data sets, libraries, and externally-hosted services to complement the IBM Cloud services or IBM Systems.
  • Solution roadmap –
    Create a document or image that shows how mature your solution is today and how you would like to improve it in the future. This can include information on the business model, funding needs, and a sustainability plan.
  • Your email address and the email addresses of up to four additional team members –Each team member needs to accept the Participation Agreement. You can only be part of one team of up to 5 members, and your team can only submit one application to each track.
  • Additional details – The team leader who submitted the solution will receive an email confirming the submission details. If you need to update or replace your submission, please create a new submission. The latest submission from the submitter email address before July 31, 2020, 11:59pm US Pacific Time deadline will be considered the final entry.