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Huhtamaki Circular Economy Startup Program for Entrepreneurs working on Food systems


Deadline: 15 Aug,2020    Next term Starts:: 01 Oct,2020


The Huhtamaki Circular Economy Startup Program by Food System 6 will support a cohort of up to 8 entrepreneurs, working in all business entity types, in their efforts to create a more circular economy. Participants will receive coaching and mentorship in lead-up to a three-day event in Helsinki, Finland, where founders will engage with and learn from subject matter experts from the Huhtamaki community of industry leaders.

Selected companies will receive a grant of up to $15k, intended to support participation and travel for one participant to the 3-day event in Helsinki, Finland. In addition, FS6 will select up to 3 of these companies to receive additional grants of up to an aggregate of $200k and 1 company will receive a full year of mentorship and support from the FS6 ecosystem.

Across all our programs, FS6 prioritizes working with entrepreneurs who are building a food system that focuses on health, sustainability, and justice. We support early-stage for-profit and non-profit entrepreneurs who are tackling one or more food system challenges across the following impact areas:

Healthy people

For example, innovations that:

  • Provide healthy food for all
  • Ensure the health and well-being of all people, inclusive of race and class
  • Connect people and the food system

Vibrant Ecosystems

For example, innovations that:

  • Support sustainable family farms to thrive and be economically viable
  • Protect and care for farmers and farm-workers
  • Respect farm animals

Sustainable Ecosystems

For example, innovations that:

  • Sustain and grow a healthy environment
  • ​Enhance biodiversity
  • Promote agricultural and food distribution practices that mitigate climate change 

Justice & Fairness

For example, innovations that:

  • Increase food access for all
  • Create just food system structures and cares for food system workers
  • Ensure that public institutions and local businesses support a just community food system


For example, innovations that:

  • Design out waste and pollution
  • Keep products and materials in use
  • Regenerate natural systems


Eligibility and Criteria

  • Candidates are chosen through a rigorous selection process, in which system impact and economic viability of the business are taken into consideration.
  • FS6 is looking for early-stage companies with a proven track record of success.
  • When we review the economic viability of the company or non-profit, we’re looking a strong leader, a creative and innovative solution to a problem present in the current marketplace, key differentiators that set a particular product offering apart, and a strategy that takes into account a deep understanding of systems impact on the circular economy.

The companies will be selected based on the FS6 selection process – with an additional focus on identifying innovations that are making change across the circular economy.

Companies chosen for the program must fulfill the following terms:

  • Engage in all programmatic elements of the cohort program
  • One representative from each company must attend the 3-day cohort intensive in Helsinki
  • All companies and their representatives must uphold the values of Food System 6
  • FS6 is seeking a diverse set of applicants that are solving the many opportunities across the circular production model.
    This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Waste diversion, recycling, or repurposing solutions
    • Sustainable packaging alternatives
    • New materials innovations
    • Regenerative production models



Awards and Benefits

  • FS6 will provide a total of up to $300k in equity-free grants to up to 8 companies of any entity type, formally selected as the Program cohort.
  • Each of the selected companies will receive a one-time Participation Grant of $15k to support their CEO in the Program and 3-day event in Helsinki, Finland.
  • The disbursement of the Participation Grant shall be made in two payments: 50% following the selection and execution of a Program Participation Agreement, and 50% at the conclusion of the Program.

Upon completing the 3-day event in Helsinki, Finland, FS6 will select up to 3 of the companies in this cohort group to receive additional equity-free grants.

Equity Free Grant amounts are as follows:

  • FS6 will select up to 2 companies to each receive an equity-free grant of $50k each.
  • FS6 will select up to 1 company to receive a $100k equity-free grant and one full year of advisory and mentor support.
  • Each companies’ representative must participate in all program sessions to qualify for the grant funding. However, if COVID-related travel restrictions are in place at the time of the in-person event, FS6 will reassess the program format in order to prioritize everyone’s health and safety. Stage II Applicants will be kept up-to-date on any changes that happen during the application process.

Through the generous support of our funding partners, we are able to offer the FS6 Business Accelerator to non-profits at no-charge, while for-profit companies are required to make a 1.5% equity contribution.

  • All participants are asked to cover travel and lodging expenses.
  • For-profit companies that are selected to participate in the 2-year core program will pay 1.5% in equity to FS6 upon acceptance to the accelerator program
  • In addition, thanks to a partnership with investment fund 1st Course Capital, eligible* participants will receive a $25k SAFE note upon successfully completing the initial program.
  • Non-profit organizations are accepted into the program at no cost and are invited to join the FS6 Portfolio at the conclusion after the first year.


How To Apply

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