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“Tech with Purpose” Online Incubation Program (Bridge for Billions)


Deadline: 04 Oct,2020    Next term Starts:: 08 Oct,2020


We’re opening a new edition of The Leap, our 3 month, online incubation program to find entrepreneurs with early stage tech projects that have the potential to better our society through purpose-driven solutions.

Get clarity before investing too much time, energy and money. Test the viability of your business in just 3 months with The Leap, our online incubation program.

Bridge for Billions is a digital ecosystem of entrepreneurship programs that provides the right tools & guidance to early-stage entrepreneurs to develop their companies through a learn-by-doing methodology.

We are a social startup that was born between New York and Madrid (recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe and Ashoka Fellow) whose mission is to democratize access to entrepreneurial support worldwide. Why? Because we dream of a world in which each person, anywhere, can access opportunities to unleash their entrepreneurial potential and generate sustainable solutions for themselves and for others.

We work hand in hand with entrepreneurs, companies, foundations, universities and governments around the world to co-create innovation programs that are tailored to their needs. We have already developed more than 110 digital programs with public and private organizations, and we have supported more than 1,500 entrepreneurs in 70 countries

Eligibility and Criteria

You might be in love with your idea and convinced that everyone else will be too but the reality is that It’s tough out there.

  • Understanding if your offering is exactly what the market needs is challenging in many different ways.
  • Don’t worry. That’s where we come in.
  • Entrepreneurs ready to find out if their business idea is viable without investing too much time, money and energy.
  • The Leap is for you if you are working full time, still studying or only focused on your project, if you are alone or in a team, working in a startup or in an NGO …
  • All you need is 7 hours a week, good internet connection and want to go all out.If you don’t meet any of these requirements, don’t worry!
  • You can look for more opportunities in PES LATAM that may adapt to the stage of your venture.
  • Also, we recommend that you spend 5 minutes of your time creating your account and updating your company’s profile on ES2 LATAM, which will give you access to even more opportunities!
  • We choose entrepreneurs who propose products or services that solve real problems and have the dedication and time to make it happen.

The selection process includes an application and possibly a video interview to ensure that accepted entrepreneurs are ready for the incubation program.

We evaluate applicants based on:

  • The maturity stage of your project at this time (it should be between a solid idea / concept until the initial phase of the company).
  • The needs you currently have (eg: obtain external validation, plan your market and have a clear plan for the next few months; we are not an investment fund).
  • Your understanding of the problem you are solving for your clients.
  • Your passion to solve this problem and get your business up and running.
  • The innovative nature of your project.

Awards and Benefits

  • 18 hours of online mentoring during the three-month incubation project.
  • Access for 3 months to the platform with 8 business tools to structure your plan.
  • Lifetime access to the community of founders and mentors.
  • Your downloadable business plan.
  • Virtual introductions to investors.

Additionally, the entrepreneurs selected to participate in The Leap in Latam automatically become part of the PES LATAM network of entrepreneurs and have access to other types of support

How To Apply

To apply please click here