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Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships 2021 (Undergraduate & Doctoral scholarships)


Deadline: 01 Mar,2021    Next term Starts:: 30 Sep,2021


The Heinrich Böll Foundation awards scholarships to German and foreign students in accordance with the guidelines issued by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Foreign Office
(Auswärtiges Amt). Scholarships are awarded for the regular period of study.

Eligibility and Criteria

You will find details of special focus programmes on our website at www.boell.de/scholarships.

  • The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s selection procedure for scholarship applicants consists of three stages:
  • 2.1 Submission of written application documents, including a personal reference on your social commitment and an expert reference from a university lecturer or, in the case of school leavers, a schoolteacher.
  • The expert reference, preferably in a sealed envelope, may be submitted with the applications or submitted separately by the referee.
  • 2.2 An interview with a liaison lecturer, usually held at your university or near where you live (telephone interviews may also be held).
  • 2.3 Attendance at a selection workshop in Berlin consisting of a one-to-one interview and a group discussion.
  • At each stage only a small group is selected for the next stage.
  • You will be informed in writing of the decision reached at each stage of the selection procedure.
  • Stage 1: Submission of written application documents
  • The key criteria for assessing written applications and admission to the next stage of the procedure are:
  • Very good school or college/university academic record
  • Social commitment and political interest
  • Convincing reasons for applying to the Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • Stage 2: Interview with a liaison lecturer
  • At this stage a report by the liaison lecturer is added to your application. It is based on an interview of about
  • an hour that the liaison lecturer (appointed by the Heinrich Böll Foundation) holds with you, as a rule, at the lecturer’s place of residence in Germany.
  • In exceptional cases the liaison lecturer may agree to
  • hold a telephone interview.
  • The interview with the liaison lecturer will address the applicant’s ability to study, his or her academic record
  • and main areas of study, how he or she sees the study discipline in question and – in some cases –the
  • applicant’s social commitment and political interest and awareness.
  • The liaison lecturer will then write an expert report on the interview covering the above-mentioned
  • Stage 3: Selection workshop
  • On the basis of the liaison lecturers’ and other expert reports and the quality of the exposé applicants will be
  • invited to attend the selection workshop.
  • The selection workshop consists of a structured one-to-one interview and a group discussion. The main
  • focus of the workshop will be to assess the applicants’ personal abilities as described in our Mission
  • Statement on Promoting Young Talent (see www.boell.de/scholarschips).
  • NB: If you have already attended a selection workshop and received a letter of rejection you may not re-apply.

Awards and Benefits

  • The document’s template is available from our website and from the download center of the application portal.
  • Please enter the following data online into the pdf form.
  • Your personal data and CV
  • Your motivation for are applying to the Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • An outline of your motivation for studying your chosen subject and of your main areas of interest
  • An outline of your social commitments and political interests et al.
  • II. University entrance qualification or equivalent
  • A copy of your Abitur, baccalaureate or university entrance qualification, or if applicable the last three
  • interim certificates if your Abitur certificate has yet to be issued at the time of your application
  • If required, a German or English translation by a certified translator
  • III. A list of study certificates to date if you have already commenced your studies
  • (printout supplied by the University’s examinations office)
  • IV. For foreign applicants for a scholarship to study for a master’s degree: Certified copy of your first-degree certificate
  • Certified copy of the degree certificate, with German or English translation if required, along with an explanation of the grading if it differs from the German system (cf Modifizierte Bayerische Formel on the Internet)
  • Student enrolment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) if you already have one (First-semester students may submit their student enrolment certificates later; they must reach us at the latest immediately before funding is authorized)
  • For foreign applicants: Written proof of German language proficiency

How To Apply

To apply please click here